Lecturer: Dr. Joy Ramos-Gonzalez | room no. 410 | LLC

04.11.2022// 09:00-12:00

1) Organising ideas into text

In this workshop, we will brainstorm different aspects of a current issue and then organise these into a coherent thread of communication. This can then be presented in a written form. We will examine the writing process, including the planning, the writing itself and the editing. We will also look at storytelling, how texts are structured and the importance of structural elements, such as paragraphs.


25.11.2022 // 09:00-12:00

2) Building effective sentences

In this workshop, we consider how to package information into a sentence. We explore the essential ingredients of a sentence and how one relates to another. We also look at how to frame sentences and how to make them more complex without losing clarity. The importance of relative clauses and punctuation will also be explored, along with words and phrases used to modify the strength of claims.


16.12.2022// 09:00-12:00

3) Word use and grammar

In this workshop, we explore texts in our individual fields to identify academic vocabulary and patterning. We will create individual language corpora using the software programme Antconc and explore noun phrases and collocations, rhetorical moves, and the use of the passive voice. Laptops with an internet connection will be needed for this workshop.


13.01.2023 // 09:00-12:00

4) Style

In this workshop, we examine different text styles and their characteristics with respect to grammar and lexis. We look in more detail at the academic style and at the qualities of aptness, clarity, conciseness, variety and elegance. We also look at the structure of academic articles, the purpose and characteristics of each section and how these can vary across the disciplines.