Support Fundamentals


The foundation of writing sessions is interaction. Consultants will engage you in active dialogue about your writing process, and will ask questions designed to help you think critically about your own writing. As you ultimately remain responsible for your own texts, this interactive process is aimed at helping you develop tools and knowledge you can utilize on your own during various stages of the writing process.  


Each writing consultation session is documented for quality assurance purposes. This data is for internal use only and will be kept strictly confidential. For the purpose of quality assurance and improvement of our services, we are developing an evaluation system and will ask students and doctoral candidates for feedback.


All communication with the Team interWRITE will be treated confidentially. If we cannot help with a specific request, we will gladly refer you to other institutions and services of Leibniz Universität Hannover. These include, for example, the counselling services of the TIB (effective research, dealing with literature administration programs, etc.) and the services of the Psychological-Therapeutic Counselling Service (ptb).