What we do

The Leibniz Language Centre is responsible for providing students from all faculties of the Leibniz Universität Hannover with success-oriented and needs-oriented foreign language courses and specialised language courses. What does this mean?

Success-oriented language learning opportunities refers to support that directly contributes to your academic success, such as assistance with specialised language necessary for the course, as well as language assistance for work placements, field trips or study placements abroad. 

Needs-oriented means that we, for example, offer the languages requested the most in student surveys; or that we work on the most important communication situations and language tasks of your studies, listed frequently by students and faculties. Naturally, all of this support will be received at the time you need it most.

In addition, the LLC offers language exams and preparation courses relevant to university admission, as well as specialised language courses relevant to your studies, and most importantly, the language programme for international students.

In collaboration with the university’s international office, faculties and other facilities, such as the university administration, the LLC works to optimally support the university in its internationalisation process.  

We are a research-based service facility that constantly evaluates and improves the courses we offer, taking new developments into account. Furthermore, through our continued communication with colleagues around the world, we are able to guarantee the high quality of the courses on offer.