In December 2014, over 274 million people spoke Fench, making it the 5th most spoken language worldwide – and it increases consistently.

Due to the special connection to France, French play an important role in Germany, and numerous workspaces depend on the exchange with this economic partner. Since signing the Elysee-Agreement in 1963, both languages of the respective partner country are being particularly promoted. To carry-out this project, the Franco-German Youth Office has been founded, which supports the exchange of young people between both countries via various programs, and which also benefits the LLC.

We offer semester courses according to the following levels

Subfield 1

Beginner A1+A2 courses

Subfield 2

Refresher courses

Subfield 3

Advanced and academic language courses


All "UNIcert" courses can be recognized for the interuniversity UNIcert® training and certification system.

Our offer comprises

  • working with multimedial learning material on current and interesting topic
  • focus on oral communication and various media
  • intercultural exchange in cooperation with universities in France (Strasbourg, Rouen)
  • preparation for stays abroad
  • using language in an academic surrounding

Kleff - Hanover & Rouen

Since 2013, the French department  has been cooperating with the University of Rouen and has offered German students the possibility to visit and explore our partner city and participate in an academic exchange.

Through the exchange with our partner university, we have created a blog for the KleFF-project (Kollaboratives Lernen für Französisch als Fremdsprache – Collaborative Learning of French as a Foreign Language) on which you can read about the experiences of our past participants and what a Franco-German seminar week may look like. The exchange takes place every year in spring and is rewarded with a number of ECTS-points.    

Franco-German Relations

Since signing the Elysee-Agreement ins 1963, the Franco-German Youth Office plays an important role in the relationship of the two countries. With their headquarters in Paris and another office in Berlin, the Franco-German Youth Office supports the exchange between the partners through various projects and organises and subsidises both big and small companies and events.

The Franco-German group of regulars is dedicated toward all French-speakers of Hanover, students who would like to prepare for their studies in or an exchange to France, people from France, or those who wish to maintain their relationship to our neighbouring country.

The International Organisation of Frankophone (OIF) is a merger of a larger number of countries who share the common interest in the French language, spreading the French culture, supporting the peace, the democracy and the human rights, as well as education.


Hanover's French web page comprises various Hanoverian institutions, events and partners.


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Im Moore 11B, Raum 215
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