UNIcert® Japanese

At the Leibniz Language Centre you can acquire a certificate at the level "UNIcert® Basis" in the language "Japanese as a foreign language". This is comparable to level A2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

UNIcert® Basis

For a successful certification you have to prove a total of 16 SWS or ECTS at the levels A1 and A2. This  corresponds to a workload about 480 hours. The performance record is cumulative. The period between the first and the last examination performance should not exceed a duration of four semesters.  

You can choose from the following courses

  • JA102                Japanisch I mit Tandemarbeit Blended Learning (A1.1) (UNIcert® Basis)
  • JA103-1            Japanisch II Blended Learning (A1.2) (UNIcert® Basis)
  • JA103-2            Japanisch II (A1.2) (UNIcert® Basis)
  • JA202                Japanisch III  mit Tandemarbeit Blended Learning (A2.1) (UNIcert® Basis)
  • JA203                Japanisch IV mit Tandemarbeit (A2.2) (UNIcert® Basis)

Please note that the offer of Japanese courses are different from winter semester to summer semester. That means that courses at level A1 only take place in the winter semester.

The respective semester program of the Leibniz Language Centre gives information about course content and materials. The registration takes place according to the Guidelines of the Leibniz Language Centre in the designated registration period via Stud.IP.

Placement of previous knowledge

Prior knowledge must be proven by certificates of achievement from corresponding courses of the Leibniz Language Centre or UNIcert® certificates from other educational institutions. Students with appropriately recognized prior knowledge at the level to be certified go through a shortened curriculum, which comprises at least 50% of the respective training level aimed at (with the exception of level III).

Details are regulated by the UNIcert®-training and the UNIcert®-examination regulations of the Leibniz Language Centre.

A lateral entry into the training program is principle possible.