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Peer-Tutorinnen und Peer-Tutoren Ausbildung für Studierende der LUH

Peer-tutoring workshop to students of the LUH

The Leibniz Language Centre is offering a 3-day peer-tutoring workshop to students of the LUH who would like to work with us as language assistants in lessons, writing consultants in the writing centre or as learning counsellors in our tandem group.

When? 05.10. (9-16 Uhr) + 06.10. (9-15 Uhr) + either 07.10. (9-15 Uhr) for language assistants or 15/16.10. (9-16 Uhr) for TANDEM

Where? Online

Credit points for the workshop = 2
A certificate of peer-tutoring after working with us for one semester.

To register please go to this StudIP event: LLC Peer-Tutor*innen Ausbildung

If you are interested or would like more information about the workshop, please contact:
ramos-gonzalez@llc.uni-hannover.de oder schelm@llc.uni-hannover.de (Tandem)

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