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Erweiterung des Russischkursprogramms

New Russian language course

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A new course will be available in the Russian program to complete level A2 biginning in the summer semester 2022: RU202-1 Russisch IV mit Tandemarbeit (A2.2) (UNIcert® Basis)
This course not only enables students to reach level A2, but also completes the UNIcert® training program in Russian at the UNIcert® Basis level.

Further information about the
- UNIcert® training and certification program at the LLC: https://www.llc.uni-hannover.de/en/leibniz-language-centre/unicert/
- Other Languages section at the LLC: https://www.llc.uni-hannover.de/en/language-courses/other-languages/