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"Sprachspielenachmittage" for tandem couples in 2022!

Dear Tandem participants and everyone who is interested,

the Tandem office would like to inform that we have planned some interesting events for you! In addition to the *language game afternoons* we offered every second week *conversation groups* in which you can discuss specific topics.

As always, every mother tongue is welcome, but please keep in mind that we will probably only play in German and English so that all students can participate.

*The events will take place every Friday in turns from 3.30 to 5.30 pm in room 310 and you can find them in the StudIP group “Sprachlernberatung zum Tandemlernen”.* Just register and you will get a weekly reminder.


As an *overview* here are all the events as planned:

  • 12 May 2023: "Sprachspielenachmittag"
  • 09 June 2023: "Sprachspielenachmittag"
  • 23 June 2023: "Sprachspielenachmittag"
  • 07 July 2023: "Sprachspielenachmittag"
  • 10 November 2023: "Sprachspielenachmittag"
  • 24 November 2023: "Sprachspielenachmittag"
  • 08 Dezember 2023: "Sprachspielenachmittag"
  • 19 January 2024: "Sprachspielenachmittag"


If you have any questions or problems, please make use of our office hours or send us an e-mail under f2f-tandem@llc.uni-hannover.de!

We’re looking forward to seeing you!
Take care and stay healthy!

Best wishes
Your Tandem Team