Frequently Asked Questions about TOEFL®


  • What is the TOEFL iBT®-Test?

    The TOEFL iBT® (internet-based test) takes about 4.0 hours and assesses reading and listening comprehension as well as speaking and writing abilities. It is offered 30 to 40 times each year on computers at test centres.

    The TOEFL iBT® has a test part for speaking competences which contains so-called independent as well as integrated tasks (note taking is allowed during the entire speaking part).

    The listening part consists of tasks which measure the understanding of conversation markers, the speaker's confidence and the understanding of the intention of the spoken text.

    The reading part contains tasks that ask the testee to categorise information, create tables and complete summaries.

    During the writing part, testees must write their own texts. It consists of an integrated task and a number of independent tasks.


    Grammatical knowledge is texted during each part with special tasks and questions. The new integrated tasks in the 'writing' and 'speaking' parts measure the abilities to combine information from more than one source and to communicate about these information.

  • Do I need to take the TOEFL®?

    TOEFL® is the most renown and technically advanced language assessment test worldwide. However, there are numerous other language certificates which are equally accepted at various institutions, e.g. IELTS or the Cambridge Certificate. To discover which test is most suited for your needs, you must inform yourself about the various formats. Which tests will be accepted is decided by the respective institute. You may find the required certificates for the Leibniz University of Hanover here.

  • Where do I find test centres for the TOEFL iBT®?

    You may find a list of all test centres and test dates at under 'Find Test Locations and Dates'. Please not that the TOEFL iBT® has not yet been introduced to all countries. The introduction of the new TOEFL® in those countries will be announced on the TOEFL® -webpage.

    Find the road map for the Leibniz University's testing centre here.     

  • Test dates

    You will find the current test dates upon registration. Dates offered by the LLC can be found here. Fully booked rooms will not be shown on the ETS registration page (online account). Please do not contact the Leibniz Language Centre to inquire about the room occupancy. You will receive this information on your ETS profile upon registration.


  • Registration for the TOEFL®

    You may register for a test online, via telephone or mail. We suggest to register online with a valid credit card to ensure a quick and easy registration. The online registration offers around the clock service and an immediate confirmation of your test date. If you wish to take the test in Germany and want to register via telephone, call the Regional Registrations Centres in the Netherlands at 0031 320 239 540.

    It is not possible to register at the Leibniz Language Centre in person (cf. TOEFL ibt® Ressource Centres).

    A postal registration via the PDF form is possible on a long-term basis (several weeks prior to your favoured date). Further information about the registration for TOEFL® and testing fees may be found at

  • Issues with Registering

    Special characters need to be rewritten, e.g. ß = ss. There will be a pop-up window prior to charging your credit card which must be accepted. If you encounter any further issues, please contact ETS directly. The Leibniz Language Centre has no influence on the registration, assessment or payment of the TOEFL® .

  • Online-Account

    You may access your TOEFL iBT® Score Report with your test results on your profile after it has been corrected. Your result will not be forwarded to your email address! You may also coordinate all other services connected to the TOEFL®-test on your profile, e.g. ordering additional score reports, changing or cancelling your test, as well as registering for a test.    

  • Am I registered?

    You will be notified on your online account if you have been successfully registered for a test date. You may access your confirmation and forward it via email. The confirmation contains all information about the time of the test and the address of the test centre. Neither the test centre nor ETS Europe can give you information about your registration due to data privacy protection.

  • Lost password?

    You choose both a 'user name' and 'password' yourself when creating your online account. To recover either, you may refer to 'user name assistance' or 'password assistance'. If you encounter difficulties, please contact TOEFL iBT® service center via email or phone in the US (001609717100).

  • Deadlines

    ETS Europe and the Leibniz Language Centre both suggest registering as soon as possible for the TOEFL®-test. Especially during summer, test dates are highly demanded. Test spots become available for registration approximately three months before the actual test date. It is not possible to reserve as spot. If a spot becomes available due to cancellation, it will be immediately put online again. If you register via phone or online, you must do so at least seven days prior to the test date. For an additional fee of US$35, you may register up to three days before the test.

    Fully booked rooms will not be shown on the registration page. Please do not contact the Leibniz Language Centre to inquire about the room occupancy. You will receive this information on your ETS user profile upon registration.

  • Test fees

    The current fee for the TOEFL® in Germany is US$ 245 (approx. 220,-€, August 2015). You may find the current scale of fees on your online account upon registration.

  • Change the test date

    If you have to reschedule your test date, you may do so up to three full days before your test. You need to state your registration number, date of birth and your full name, which you have used for your registration. The fee for rescheduling is US$50. You may reschedule via your online account. You may also call the Regional Registration Centre (contact information may be found on your online profile).

  • Cancel the test

    If you need to cancel your test date, you may do so up to three full days before your test. You are entitled to reclaim a partial refund which is half the amount of your test fees. You may cancel online or via telephone. Contact information may be found in your online account.